The link between self-confidence and beauty

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In December 2014 we conducted fascinating research into the relationship between self-confidence and beauty which confirmed the strong link between the two. One of our research subjects told us:

“On a Monday I make sure that my hair is done, my nails are done and I wear something that looks very professional – it makes me feel better about the day. I believe that if I look good on a Monday it kind of sets the tone for my week.”


We love this and we fully agree with her… but while looking good does make us all feel better, no amount of make-up can mask a lack of self-worth and inner discontent. You can go to the salon and have the works, and come home looking a million dollars but feeling valueless inside. This is because true beauty comes from inside.

Many people walk through life totally unaware of the habits they’ve developed to cope with lives that are less than they should be, rather than being aware of what they can do to live in their full power. They’re not being mindful and they’re not living authentic lives.

The truth is that most people are not being their best selves – but it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter who you are and where you are today, you can choose a different reality for yourself.

  • It is within you to be great
  • This requires you to own your power
  • You have that power
  • You are far more than you know

Confidence is what helps us build the inner strength to be our best selves. It gives us the courage to change negative perceptions of ourselves and abandon outdated and inaccurate assumptions. Did you choose the life you’re living today or did you just fall into it? If you allowed your imagination to take flight, who would you be and what would you be doing?

Sometimes we’re so anaesthetised by the grind of daily life, by television, social media and pop culture, that our most powerful gift – our mind – is operating at minimal capacity. On the odd occasion that a light does shine on our dreams and our authentic spirit, we allow self-doubt to take over and we tell ourselves that we can’t have what we really crave. Does this happen to you?

What we really want for you is to have the courage of your convictions, to make conscious choices and living the life you deserve. It’s not easy but it is necessary.

We’ve been working on our Inside Out Beauty programme for a while and hope to be bringing it to the market in the near future. Is this something you’re interested in? Do let us know and give us your email address if you’d like us to keep you informed.


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