Frequent Questions

Your questions answered

Life coach Rose Murdock answers your frequently asked questions about building self-confidence:

Q. How can I feel more than just OK about my life?

A. Developing true confidence from the inside out, and it looks beautiful and feels great, enables you to achieve this. With practice you will learn how to achieve what you want, make the choices that are best for you, cope better with challenging situations and live your best life, reaching your potential.

Q.  Are some people born with more confidence than others, so nothing you can do will change this?

A. Up to 25% of confidence is genetic – the rest is learned behaviour through experience and practice. Confidence empowers you to take action, to DO things, try new things so you can discover your true potential .

Q. If I do my job well and work hard will I get the promotion I deserve?

A. Probably not. Competence alone will not get you where you want to be or bring the success you want to achieve – confidence is essential to success.

Q. How can I change my attitude and believe that I can do things I haven’t  done before?

A. You need to develop a positive mindset – to listen less to the negative self-critic (so powerful in women) that tells you what you can’t do, and develop a new mindset of what you CAN DO (a powerful coaching practice adopted by most top sports stars that have achieved success in the world arena).

Q . How will I cope if  I mess up or make a mistake?

A. See your mistakes as lessons – not as failures. Learn from them. People who don’t make mistakes never try anything new so may never know what they are capable of achieving.

Q. Why are self-confident people so admired, especially in the workplace?

A. Research has shown that up to 80% of success in the workplace is attributed to soft skills, led by self-confidence and self-confident people attract the right people and opportunities into their lives.

Q. Can others tell  if  I’m a self-confident person or not?

A. Yes. We have only 7 seconds to make a good impression at a first meet-up, job interview, networking event, etc so  you need to make it count. Understanding non verbal signals (body language), especially our own, is a most valuable skill

Q. Where do I start if I want to be the best I can be?

A. By developing  Self-Awareness, being open to change, self-discovery and the possibilities that they offer – a key theme of our workshops to inspire you to discover your best self and lead a more fulfilled life

Q. Is self-doubt a common problem?

A. Yes, for women doubting ourselves and our abilities is normal and is labelled The Imposter Syndrome and much has been written about how it holds women back from achieving their ambitions and real fulfilment.

Q. How do I develop self-confidence?

A. Confidence can be learned and our workshops and/or coaching have been custom designed by women to inspire more women to develop their self-confidence, to unlock their power and discover their best self (reach their full  potential), so they can enjoy a more fulfilling life.