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By Rose Murdock – This week someone said of our web site, “It’s looking fantastic and has so many valuable offerings.” (Thank you Mandy!) We loved hearing that because we designed it with the express purpose of adding value to you, in keeping with our purpose of inspiring you to discover your own source of inner power so that you can live your best life and be your best self.


Our web site is a constantly evolving work in progress (just like a woman!) and today we’re introducing a new offering that we hope you will find valuable: our video library.

The first three videos are our own. They tell the wonderfully personal self-confidence stories of Judi, Maurita and Nosipho, three women we have worked with and admire. None of them are famous, none of them are headline-makers – each one is just an ordinary woman like you and me. What they have in common is their authenticity, and their willingness to tell their stories to make a difference to other women.

Sitting on beautiful Camps Bay beach in Cape Town, they were brave enough to share their journeys of self-discovery: how they developed self-confidence and courage, followed their passions and discovered their truths – ultimately discovering their best selves and living more fulfilled lives as a result of their willingness to dig deep.

We invite you to see for yourself:

The others are videos that inspire us for a variety of reasons, stories that make us think and make us feel better when we need to remember just how great women are, or when we need to learn something. Ted Talks are an excellent learning resource that we love – if you don’t already know Ted, its well worth a visit to

We’ve featured these videos in the hope that when you’re looking for inspiration you’ll pop in to visit us and see what we have to offer. They provide an excellent break from a busy day when you’re having lunch al desko. We’ll keep updating this section as we find more inspiration.

You might want to take a look at our book library while you’re hovering around the Inspiration tab. We’ve read all these books and heartily recommend them as thought-provokers and, often, agents of change.  Personally, I learn so much from books I couldn’t imagine living without them.

If you’d like to recommend particular videos, Ted Talks or books that have made a difference in your life, please feel free to do so in the comment section below. We would really value your input.


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