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If we ask, “What is the surest way to win at anything?” you might expect us to say that there is no wrong answer; that whatever you choose to do to put yourself in a winning position is good. Well not this time. Our question has only one right answer and many, many wrong answers. No matter what position you’re striving for, the surest way to achieve it is through self-confidence.

You can be the world’s fastest runner but you’re not going to win Olympic gold unless you believe that you can. That is self-confidence. Whether your goal is to reach the pinnacle in your sport, to get seat on the Board of Directors, to win a new client or graduate with honours, you cannot reach it unless you believe you can. Resilient, diligent, get-back-up-again self-confidence is the one quality necessary to all success.

We’ve been away for a while but we’re back and this is the gift we’re bringing you: self-confidence. We have buckets of the stuff and we’re sharing it with you because we know there’s no question that it is more important than ability when it comes to getting ahead.

We’ve spent the past few months recycling ourselves, updating not just our web site but deepening our purpose and extending our business model to include individuals alongside the business market we’ve traditionally addressed.

Inside Out Beauty

And for individuals, we’re getting ready to bring a new product to market. Called Inside Out Beauty, it aims to restore the balance between inner and outer confidence, addressing the disproportionate role physical appearance plays in modern life and helping women build beauty from the inside out.Our aim is to help women lead happier and more fulfilling lives, and improve their prospects by building self-confidence holistically, from the inside out.

We’ll be bringing Inside Out Beauty to market in the form of a series of workshops designed for easy assimilation in 2.5 hours. We hope to be working with a major South African brand to roll this out across the country. We’ll bring our Confidence Workshops to companies of all shapes and sizes, addressing the need for more women in leadership and management roles throughout the business world.

We’ve been on a major learning curve and we’re full of new ideas and new ways to empower women to take charge of their lives with the ultimate aim of self-fulfillment. We’ve learned a great deal about connecting with the inner self by cultivating mindfulness and authenticity.

Let’s take this journey together

Does that sound heavy to you? Fear not – our goal is to make these deep subjects accessible to every woman who wants to live a more meaningful and rewarding life and to do it in a very practical way.

You do realise that your destiny is not fixed, right? You can change your life and create a new reality. Yes, it takes effort and yes, it takes practice, but shifting your mindset is not nearly as difficult as you imagine. It’s about cultivating self-confidence and here’s the greatest thing about self-confidence: the more you have, the more you have.

Our aim is to walk this journey with you, to give you tools and insights to build your confidence, to share our thoughts and understand yours so that we can work with you as you start learning to be more self-assured and take charge of your life. We are so deeply immersed in the subject of self-confidence that we’ll be building a wealth of material on this web site – for you and hopefully with you.

We also offer workshops, keynote presentations and life coaching.

Please share your thoughts with us

Tell us your story.

  • What makes you feel confident?
  • What steals your confidence?
  • What do you need to create the self-confidence that will help you move forward in your life and achieve your goals?

We’re interested in everything you have to say so feel free to engage our attention here. We will read and respond to every comment.

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