Developing greater self confidence will boost your career and change your life

Self confidence is within your grasp – we help you unlock the power within you

Self cself confident womenonfidence is a beautiful thing. Powered by belief in yourself, self confidence is the faith you have in your capabilities to succeed in life. It is also the self respect you possess to acknowledge your worth and ambitions in life.

Confident women inspire confidence in others. This can set you apart as a front runner in your career, home or social life.

Confidence is only up to 20% genetic

Self confidence and high self esteem do not come naturally to many.  It is learned behaviour. With practice and the right personal training, you can acquire the personal development skills you need to build your worth and live your best life.

Discover a more powerful you – tap into your unreached potential

self-confidence workshopPerformher Academy offers Confidence Coaching Workshops and Personal Coaching to empower  you to be your best self.

In these 3 hour sessions, you will learn the leadership and confidence fundamentals needed for success. You will be encouraged to participate in experiential learning that will enable a shift in your behaviour that could change your life.

The aim is to rekindle your passion and push you beyond your self limiting beliefs to unlock your power as a self assured, decision making, professional woman.

Performher Academy workshops are designed by women for women  – and we collaborate with professionals and specialists to deliver these inspiring workshops.

Confidence is a soft skill that every woman needs to develop

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Soft skills contribute as much as 85% of career success

As a course participant you will gain exposure in:Listening

bullet Business coaching to create your professional image and make a credible impression

bullet Relationship building techniques, business etiquette and personal development

bullet The art of communication – verbal and non verbal (body language) skills


bullet The use of your voice as a powerful get ahead tool and career builder

bullet Cultivating the inner coach and managing your inner self critic.

Our courses can be customised to address specific needs, behaviours or challenges experienced by you or your company.

Take Action now!

The benefits of confidence training are boundless

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bullet Discovery of your unreached potential – your best self

bullet Feeling empowered, more committed and more effective in your role

bullet A higher level of motivation to strive for personal growth, enabling you to get ahead

bullet Stronger relationships and collaboration with others

bullet Recognition and reward, offering you the opportunity to achieve the success you deserve

bullet Greater fulfilment in your life.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”   Helen Keller


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o-CAREER-WOMEN-facebookPlease join me for a complimentary coffee to discuss your goals, challenges and vision – without further obligation.

The standard rate is R680 per hour per person but varies according to the degree of customisation, the venue and the number of delegates.