Life Coaching

Get a more rewarding life

more rewarding life through life coaching

Do you find it difficult to lead a rewarding life? Do you feel frustrated or confused?  Are you always trying to work out what’s stopping your happiness and success?

The chances are that you need a life coach.  Because, from time to time, every one of us needs support.

Life coaching is safe and non-threatening. It helps you to understand problems in your personal or business life. The next step is to take them head on and overcome them.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know what you truly want to become.”  Steve Jobs

Life coaching helps you to grow, develop and build your self-esteem. You achieve this by learning to open your eyes to what is possible. It’s time to become the person you want to be.

How Rose Murdock can help you achieve a more rewarding life

As a life coach, Rose has trained in the ways that equip people to deal with a wide range of problems. These include lack of self-esteem, motivation, assertiveness, decision making and feeling stuck in life.

She will guide you to create a plan to achieve your goals and start enjoying a more rewarding life. You will strengthen your confidence and put yourself back in control of your life.

Your relationship with Rose will be a confidential partnership. It’s having someone to cheer you on to reach beyond your limitations and keep you on track.  She will give you honest feedback and challenge you.

To achieve the outcomes you are looking for requires commitment. There’s no quick fix, no magic formula.  Life coaching is an exciting journey of personal growth.  Robin Sharma, author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari, says it’s “difficult to start, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end”.

Rose Murdock introduces herselfLife coaching …

“I am a professional Coach, a registered member of COMENSA, with accreditation from GSB/UCT’s Centre for Coaching, and also trained in effective personal skills, leadership, facilitation and team building.  Watch my video here.


“Earlier, I enjoyed a successful career in the communications industry, juggling single parenting with the responsibilities and challenges of a senior position and Board appointment. On retirement in 2015, I launched my own business – the Performer Academy.

“I believe that my self-confidence led to my success. And my self-confidence was learned.

“I am passionate about inspiring and supporting women to tap into their inner strength and discover their talent and abilities. And at the same time, recognising the limiting beliefs that hold them back, so that they can build the confidence to be their best and most powerful self, enjoying success and fulfilment.

“My passion is driven by seeing many competent and talented women overlooked for promotion or not reaching for opportunities because they lack the confidence to do so – believing they are not good enough. Having successfully managed single parenting together with building my career, I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges women face.  This I bring to my coaching.”


Positive feedback from Rose’s clients

“Rose has given me the perspective I needed to get out of the small stuff and into the bigger stuff – shining a light on the parts I couldn’t see myself. What I loved about our sessions was her life experience, she is intuitive and compassionate and I felt connected. I think she did as much work as me. I felt growth after each session, it was exhilarating. She has been an enormous help to me. I am more aware of myself and more in control of my life.”  Iris 2017

“At a time in my life when I wanted to change, Rose gave me the tools, direction and, most importantly, the confidence I needed to move forward in my life. I always left our meetings feeling like I could achieve anything and nothing was out of reach.”  Amelia 2016

If you would like to find out how Rose can help you lead a more rewarding life, call her on 083 604 0407.