Building your self-confidence will improve your life and lead to success

We will help you unlock your talents and abilities to be the best version of yourself

Self-confidence is a beautiful thing.  It is the key to getting what you want out of life. It enables you to face life’s challenges with strength and courage and live a life you love.

Confidence is only up to 20 % genetic – the rest is behaviour you learn. It doesn’t happen overnight, or from reading a book or listening to a podcast. As with learning any new skill, it takes personal training and practice over time to learn to be confident.

The reward is powerful – it puts you in control and will transform your life.

Being a confident person positively sets you apart. It inspires the confidence and trust from others that’s essential for relationship building. It also gets people to notice you for the right reasons. This is ultra important if you want to be successful in today’s highly competitive world.

 FACT – Soft skills contribute up to 85% of career success

Self-confidence is life’s enabler because it allows us to take action. It is powerful and leads to success in life.

“If you need to build your confidence or improve your self-esteem, I will coach you – either in private sessions, or in a group workshop.

“I will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to shift existing behaviour and develop new habits. This will make positive changes in your life.”   Rose Murdock

Professional Life Coach and founder of Performher Academy, Rose Murdock, leads our two hour workshops. These sessions we have designed specifically for women, in collaboration with specialists, to deliver inspiring experiential and fun workshops.

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Our workshops cover the following topics …

bullet Creating a pself-confidence workshoprofessional image – being noticed for the right reasons

bullet Communication skills – verbal and non-verbal

bullet Positive self-talk and self-acceptance



bullet Business performance – how to get recognition and reward

bullet Relationship building – how to add value.

We can customise our workshops to address specific needs or challenges experienced by individuals or your company.


How self-confidence coaching will benefit your life

Women networking at a seminar

bullet Discovery of your unrealised potential to become the best version of yourself

bullet Feeling empowered – in control of your life

bullet A sense of purpose

bullet Renewed passion and motivation

bullet Recognition and reward

bullet Success and fulfilment in your life.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. You can do nothing without hope and confidence.”   Helen Keller



FOR A FREE CONSULTATION:  Contact Rose Murdock on 083 604 0407

o-CAREER-WOMEN-facebookPlease join me for a complimentary coffee to have a conversation about your goals, challenges and vision – without further obligation.

My standard rate is R680 per hour per person. However, this varies according to the degree of customisation, the venue and the number of delegates.